Like a lover the breeze caress
The petals of the flowers
Like a lover, the water flows over the ceiling kissing the bricks
And the sun to the mountain
Like a lover adores her with his golden fingers
Softness in the grass and in the
Hair of the cat
The wood of the table and the cup of coffee share a secret conversation that strangers can’t understand, their whispers are so low that no one dares to interrupt this spirit of intimacy
And the peaches offer their yellow and ochre with generosity to my voracious mouth, the juice like a fountain running down my face

The curtains fly and back
The tough glass imperceptibly shakes not believing such a tender cotton delicacy
The water on my hand a newborn lake where the fishes shine
The hand goes in ecstasy as the water falls

Everything touches their neighbor thing with
Exquisite care
the things murmur their passion
although only a few can see
Nature and things make love in front of every one


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